About Visions

Visions is a York based church community with a distinctive approach to sound, light and space. The team has been exploring experimental church since the late 1980s.

  • A place that feels like home where we can talk about and experience the love of Jesus Christ - whatever our standpoint.
  • A place where you can be yourself and people will accept you irrespective of your sexuality, race or creed.
  • A place where you can expect a deepening of faith through the journey of discovery using all our talents and drawing on all the experience of the church worldwide.

We are part of a movement originally termed Alternative Worship but now often called Emerging Church, however labels aren't really so very helpful - we mean that our response to the Trinity (God in community) has to be born from our own experience together, as individuals and as a community, and not simply accepting whatever forms of worship are given to us. However, that is not to say we reject the past, rather that we see Christian traditions as a rich field of possible resource to draw on. But we also draw on contemporary culture in finding expression for our spirituality.